Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Charlotte, Bo Burnham

Hey there, hope everyone is has a great thanksgiving next week. I personally can't wait for christmas music to be okay to play lol!

To start out, I'm sure you've all heard of the band Good Charlotte, they came out with a new album called Cardiology a couple weeks ago, and I personally love it. I'm was really shocked because their last album kind of sucked. Well anyway my favorite from the album so far is "1979."

So I thought I'd introduce you to a comedian I really like, he does talk about some pretty controversial stuff but idk I find him hilarious. The nice thing about his stuff is that its comedy in music and he just does a lot of really cool play on words kind of material. His comedy special on Comedy Central is called Words, Words, Words and you should check it out. Here is one of his songs, called Words, Words, Words.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ello there! Joshua Radin, Erin McCarley, The Band Perry, Sam Tsui

Hey there everyone, i'm super sorry for the long absence i've had on this site. But I have wonderful music to share so please forgive me :) College has been soo weird, but it's becoming a normal thing now I guess. well here goes.. some goodies for you all:

Joshua Radin- "Lovely Tonight" Another great song by him is "Paperweight"

Erin McCarley- "It's Not That Easy" (Sorry it's live, there aren't any normal videos, she's amazing live though)

The Band Perry- "All Your Life" Their album is absolutely amazing (and I usually don't like country) You should also check out "If I Die Young" if you haven't heard it yet.

Sam Tsui- "Don't Want an Ending" While he mostly does covers this original song is really great. You've probably seen his Michael Jackson Medley but he has some really great covers.

As always let me know what you guys think.