Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finally, a female artist! :)

Well, today i actually started packing my things. It is starting to get really real-- I leave for school in six days! I'm finally starting to feel ready for it too.

For some suggestions today I thought I'd recommend a great female artist. I've realized that I listen to mostly male bands, which I had never noticed till I started this whole blog thing haha. Elisa is a wonderful artist and the song I'm going to introduce is called "The Waves." If you like the song some other good songs by Elisa are "Dancing" and "Rock Your Soul." She's really good at the power notes, her songs are super emotional, and she really has an outstanding voice. 

The next artist is Dave Barnes, who also has a spectacular voice. Now normally I wouldn't use a live video because either the artist sucks live, or the crowd is too loud. But i've decided to post this live version of "Grace's Amazing Hands;" I really love this song and Dave Barnes does a great job live, plus there aren't any good videos of the recorded version. (Be forewarned that there is a pretty decently long guitar solo). Dave Barnes' EP "Three, Then Four" is absolutely fantastic, I encourage you to check it out. Another good song by him that is not on that EP is "God Gave Me You." And if you like him I'd recommend checking out Marc Broussard, who I'll probably feature on here at some point because he is also equally amazing. Enjoy :)

As always let me know what you think of these songs :) 


  1. i love ur blog you have a realy good taste in music good luck in college!!

  2. Okay, I totally am in luuurve with Elisa! She kind of reminds me of Regina Spektor in sweet sound and power. (Have you listened to Regina? Please listen to "Us" immediately if will fall in love!!)

    And I agree whole heartedly with your decision to use the live Dave Barnes. I, too, dislike most live stuff, but I loved this. The best performers always rock it live! Great stuff!

    Seriously, look up Regina if you haven't. You'll have a new fave.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Elizabeth- I love Regina Spektor! totally agree with you un "Us" Thanks so much :)